Frequenty Asked Questions

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Which Program is right for me: the Minor in Technology Arts & Media, or the Certificate in Digtial Media?

What is a Certificate Program?

What type of student is a good fit for the Technology, Arts & Media Programs?

How do I get started?

Who should I see for TAM advising?

How often do I need to see a TAM advisor?

How do I get to the ATLAS offices for advising?

What should I bring with me to an advising session?

How will the TAM Advisor keep in touch with me regarding meetings, activities and course updates?

How do I register for the TAM courses (ATLS2000, Meaning of Information Technology; ATLS3010, Digital Media 1)?

Why does TAM require students to take classes in Critical Thinking in Technology and Invention & Practice elective areas?

How does TAM decide what courses count for each elective area?

Why can't TAM students get credit for more than one of these elective courses from a single department?

Is there a course sequencing requirement for the Minor in Technology, Arts & Media?

Why do I have to apply for the Minor in Technology, Arts & Media?

How long will it take me to complete the Minor in Technology, Arts & Media?

How long will it take me to complete the Certificate in Digital Media?

What do I need to do to be sure that the Certificate in Digital Media or the Minor in Technology, Arts and Media is noted on my record?

What constitutes a Minor in Technology, Arts & Media with honors?

How do I gain access to the ATLAS Labs (ATLS 104, ATLS 105, ATLS 113, ATLS 225)?

What are the ATLAS Lab's rules?

I will be studying abroad for a semester. How will this affect my TAM progress?

Are TAM courses open for Continuing Education credit?

Can Graduate students earn credit for taking TAM Courses?

What is the ATLAS Institute, and how does it relate to the TAM Program?


Walk-in hours are from 8:00am–3:30pm Monday–Thursday, however, appointments are encouraged. To schedule an advising appointment, please e-mail the TAM Program Advisor, Dave Kalahar, and providing a couple different days and times you can meet for about 30 minutes. Dave will then reply with what works for him too and schedule an appointment.

Dave works with students of all majors to help them integrate the TAM program into their schedules and academic goals.

The ATLAS Curriculum Advisor may not advise on the core or substitute for a major advisor. Click here for a listing of area advisors for your college or school.

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