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ATLS 2100: Image

Course Description

This course introduces students to important skills in image media creation including digital manipulation and compositing, video, animation, and interactive, computational topics in imaging technology. We will study the history of photo-imaging and image-based media and discuss how various forms of output has impacted our methodologies for image creation and manipulation. We will look at the way each form of image-based media have their own agenda, how representation and meaning changes through time and context, and the creative possibilities allowed by the simultaneous forms and contexts our media takes or lives in.

Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will:

Critical Thinking & Theory / History (CT):
  • Develop critical evaluation skills of image-based media
  • Learn key developments and practitioners in the history of digital imaging
  • Gain an understanding of the manners in which image-based media are used and manipulated for artistic, journalistic, scientific and commercial means
  • Gain an understanding of how differing image media creation and distribution processes affect the way we see and understand the world and ourselves
Design/Creative (DC):
  • Understand and use image-based design principles
  • Understand and use the visual language of image-based media
  • Learn to use post-production based software and methods as a creative tool of selection and expression in both still and motion-based formats
  • Learn to manipulate image-based media in creative and innovative ways
Technical (TA):
  • Develop an understanding of how to create and manipulate pixel-based and vector-based image media in static image compositions, as well as motion-based and interactive formats
  • Develop skills in a variety of formats, tools, and methodologies to create, combine, and manipulate image-based media and appropriately combine methods for the desired final format and resolution of deliverable media
  • Become versed in the software and hardware necessary for creating and manipulating digital image media in both still, motion, and interactive-based formats
  • Become versed in mechanisms of pre and post-production, image output and sharing using professional practices of file organization, processing and delivery

Credit Hours

  • 3 hours


  • ATLS 2000 Meaning of Information Technology


  • ATLS 1100: Design Foundations
  • ATLS 1300: Computational Foundations I