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ATLS 4120/5120: Mobile Application Development

Course Description

Introduces fundamental design and development principles required to create mobile apps through lectures, projects, and critiques. Focuses technically on the iOS and Android platforms, object-oriented programming, and mobile interaction design principles. Explores the social and cultural effects of mobile-based computing.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of developing mobile applications using a range of technologies including software developers' kits, object-oriented programming, and mobile interaction design principles. Students will become proficient app designers and developers on the iOS and Android platforms. Incorporating their academic pursuits and personal interests, students will complete projects geared towards gaining mastery in designing and developing apps.

Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will:

Critical Thinking & Theory / History:
  • Understand the history of the mobile computing platform
  • Gain an understanding of user interface challenges unique to the mobile platform
  • Explore the social and cultural effects of mobile and app-based computing
  • Gain proficiency in mobile interaction design principles
  • Design intuitive mobile user interfaces
  • Create engaging single-view mobile apps
  • Gain an understanding of the Model View Controller architectural pattern
  • Develop single-view iOS apps using the iOS SDK and Swift
  • Develop single-view Android apps using the Android SDK and Java

Credit Hours

  • 3 hours


  • ATLS 3000 Code, CSCI 1300 Computer Science 1, or equivalent
  • Introductory-level programming experience