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ATLS 4519/5519: Studio: Space

Course Description

Through this course, students will study and construct spatial environments that exist in the real, imaginary, and virtual dimensions of sound and radio.

This iteration of the Space Studio will focus on developing sonic and telephonic sculptures. We will review contemporary and historical works of sound and radio art (e.g. early Futurists, sound and installation artists, free-form radio makers, streaming media and net artist) in order to develop a better understanding of how the use of sound and broadcasting shape social, political, and formal borders. A focus of the class will be on how to make the supposed silence of outer space audible (and visible) with satellite data and radio astronomy.

Course Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will:

Critical Thinking & Theory / History:
  • Investigate the history and practice of sound and radio art
  • Develop curiosity and nuance in discussing advanced concepts in art and technology
  • Design sonic and telematic experiences
  • Build on audio/networking production techniques
  • Program data scraping algorithms
  • Learn sonification techniques
  • Strengthen familiarity with industry-standard audio software
  • Explore advanced multimedia programming

Credit Hours

  • 3 hours


  • None