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smith & beta

Start-up Operations Intern

Would you like to work with some of the most successful creative agencies and brands in North America to help solve their talent issues? smith & beta, a Boulder-based talent development and education company, is seeking an organized and motivated intern with some experience/interest in project management//operations to help keep smith & beta operations moving smoothly. The ideal candidate is organized, tech-savvy, and able to keep our teams on task. Candidate should be self-motivated and willing to provide recommendations on how to improve internal and external processes. Ideally, the candidate should be interested in helping to lay the framework for our nimble start-up, and would like to grow into a long-term role. Additional info is here: http://www.thedenveregotist.com/jobs/internship/smith-beta/start-operations-intern

Posted 12/1/2016 | Closes 1/1/2017

iD Tech

Summer tech camp opportunities (P/T; paid)

iD Tech is a STEM focused summer education program looking to fill positions with high quality students studying in Computer Science, Engineering, Game Development or Media Arts. We’re looking for energetic, tech-savvy, summer staff who understand the need for quality technology education for young students. So why not spend your summer instructing, mentoring, and building your resume in one of our amazing programs? Learn more & Apply today!

Posted 12/1/2016 | Closes 1/15/2017


Winter Internships (P/T; unpaid)

Couragion is a Denver-based startup developing a STEM-based app for education and career development. They are looking for 2 student intern positions in Program Management and Videographer. Details and application information on both positions can be found here: http://www.couragion.com/careers-at-couragion

Posted 11/1/2016 | Closes 12/1/2016


Summer Internship

California-based Activision has launched a new internship opportunity for summer 2017 for students in art animation/tech. Take a look and consider applying: https://activision.jibeapply.com/activision/jobs/ANI0000BU/Santa-Monica-California-Egerton-Internship-Character-Tech-Art-Animation?lang=en-US

Posted 11/1/2016 | Closes 12/15/2016

Santa Fe Institute Undergraduate Fellowships

Summer 2017

The SFI is a great program for research-oriented undergraduates to learn more about interdisciplinary research in complex science and a well-established program. Deadline for applying is Jan 4, 2017, but check out the great info and short videos about the program here: http://santafe.edu/education/fellowships/undergraduate/ Exploring the world of research is a great way to get hands on experience, work on a project team and get to know faculty who are addressing problems in new and different ways.

Posted 11/1/2016 | Closes 1/1/2017