TAM Workshop Series:
Advanced Photoshop Techniques

A 3 Part Introduction to Digital Painting with Wacom Tablets

Digital Painting is a skill used by artists with applications in concept art, storyboarding, animation and illustration. This workshop is great for participants of all levels. Come make three complete paintings and learn techniques you can use for life.

Wacom tablets provided by ATLAS for use in this workshop.

Session 01: Painting Landscapes Using Atmospheric Perspective

Thursday, 9.18 from 4-6pm in ATLS 104

Learn how to paint landscapes using atmospheric perspective, how to select the best reference material, and how color and saturation create perspective. Learn tools and techniques like:

  • Using layers for depth
  • Custom brushes
  • Atmospheric perspective

Session 02: Portrait Painting Using Photoshop

Thursday, 10.2 from 4-6pm in ATLS 104

Gain an understanding of how to capture a person’s likeness in portrait. Create a portrait with a “painterly” look in Photoshop. Learn tools and techniques like:

  • The colorize tool
  • Brush settings for blending
  • Photoshop workspace setup
  • Likeness troubleshooting

Session 03: Figure Painting Using Photoshop

Thursday, 10.16 from 4-6pm in ATLS 104

Delve into the art of sketching to improve both hand-eye coordination and figure drawing. Learn to capture form, movement, and expressiveness. Learn tools and techniques like:

  • Basics of proportion
  • S curves
  • Skeletal figures

Digital Painting Image

These workshops are open to TAM Students (others are welcome as space is available).


Some familiarity with Photoshop is a plus.


You may attend as many as you like, but we recommend the whole series.


Register here to reserve your spot.