ATLAS Student Groups

ATLAS Mobile Makers

ATLAS Mobile Makers is the only student led mobile app development club at the University of Colorado Boulder! Join us weekly to learn, collaborate, and design amazing apps in both Android and iOS. No previous experience is required. CU students of all majors and experience levels welcome!

Faculty Coordinator: Aileen Pierce

ATLAS Practical Electronics Workshop

Join this new student group for a weekly hands-on workshop for practical electronics. Learn how to make things that blink, move and make noise. No prior experience needed; experts welcomed too! This is a great way to build experience with electronics design and implementing your project. More info here!
Interested? Fill out this registration form!

Meets 12:30 – 2:20 pm, Fridays (Feb 9 – Apr 27)
Location: ATLAS BTU Lab (ATLS 113)
Faculty Coordinator: Wayne Seltzer

Computer Graphics & 3D Modeling

A student organization open to any student, faculty members, alumni, and community members interested in further pursuing computer graphics, all things 3D, printing and VR to Visualizations with the disciplines of the arts, engineering, and everything in between.

5 PM - 6:15 PM every other Tuesday beginning 1/30
Location: ATLS 1B31
Faculty Coordinator: Robert Bowen

CU eSports Club

The University of Colorado Boulder eSports club aims to provide a fun, social, and professional environment for those who wish to play competitive gaming. Students of all skill levels encourageed to participate, and have non-competitive games and events as well. Provides students with an easy way to connect with others on campus who share the interest in gaming. CU eSports has official teams for League of Legends, CSGO, Dota2, Overwatch, and more, who compete against other universities around North America for millions of dollars in scholarships and prizing.

Meeting times: Calendar of Events
Student Leader: Monte Anderson


Curiosity is a community built by the people, for the people. We explore the social impact of technology through research and conversation. We engage with the community in an attempt to determine places where we can use technology and our collective skill set to best serve those in need and improve the human condition. Weekly meetings to discuss articles, and monthly community service activities followed by a potluck!

Meets: 6 PM on Thursdays
Location: ATLS 225
Community engagement outings: Feb 17- Homelessness and Urban Poverty; Mar 17 - Racial Justice; and Apr 21- Food Scarcity.
Email: Annie Bruns, Mustafa Naseem


An informal bi-weekly group who meets to discuss on-going course and personal progress, process, and the creative methodologies and techniques which range inside the TAM program. Think of it as an out-of-class collaboration (and support) group.

Meets: On hiatus until 4/17
Location: ATLS 208 (Hackery)
Faculty Coordinator: Chris Carruth

Design for America

The CU Boulder chapter of Design for America (DFA) is a community of interdisciplinary students working to create a student-culture of design thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship, and social impact. We use human-centered design principles to solve real-world, complex problems alongside passionate community members. Some of our current projects include designing a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) curriculum for middle schoolers and designing productive walkers for elderly populations (patent pending). Everyone is welcome regardless of major or level of experience! Learn more on our website!

Meets: 6-8 PM every Sunday
Location: Fleming 33
Student Leader: Lillie Bahrami

Drone Racing Club

Interested in learning about drones and the hobby of drone racing? Join a community of people interested in drones and build technical skills, like flying, electronics, programming, troubleshooting and more. The club is also meant to teach students about FAA regulations, safe flying and ethical concerns brought up by the presence of drones in society. All are welcome. No experience or equipment needed.

Meets: Thursdays 6 PM
Location: ATLAS BTU Lab (ATLS 113)
Student Leader: Dylan Price

Super Smash Brothers CU

This is a recreational group centered around the social and competitive aspects of Super Smash Brothers. Our goal is to bring both seasoned players and strangers to the game together to bask in the glory that is Super Smash Brothers. We offer casual, competitive, and tournament style gameplay in all versions of the game. CU students of all majors and experience levels welcome!

Thursdays 7 PM
Location: Fleming 157
Student Leader: Kyle Appelquist

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Club

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Club is a community fostering the education and development of VR/AR related technologies and applications. The community will introduce members to new technology platforms, such as Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Google Daydream, and Microsoft Hololens, and hold a meeting space for attending workshops to learn about developing for VR/AR; connecting with other students/local community developers interested in VR/AR; and testing, building, and collaborating on projects. Join us for these meetings to learn more about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality! To get more information about VR/AR related news, internships, resources, events, club news, VR/AR tutorials, and access to the club Slack Channel, sign up at

Wednesdays 6-7:30pm, bi-weekly. Exact dates here
Location: ATLS 113 (BTU Lab)
Student Leader: Justin Chin