Digital Media Bootcamp (DMBC) 2016

The world is digital, and people with a digital media skill-set are in high-demand. Digital Media Bootcamp is an intensive three-week introduction to digital media production that is designed to impart practical technological skills to people from any industry or discipline. DMBC will teach you how to use industry standard technologies and applications, but will also show you how to use these tools in order to successfully communicate your ideas.

Many times, your career will demand of you to have an ever expanding knowledge of digital media. After the Digital Media Bootcamp experience, you will not only have the basic skills necessary to perform a wide range of tasks (build and deploy a website from scratch, create a multimedia presentation, create a demo video for a new product, etc.) you will also have the confidence to build on the DMBC foundation. DMBC starts from square 1—no digital media experience is required. This is not about theory or philosophy, but about practical tools and skills being used in today’s digital industries.

*We will also have Bootcamp Assistants in the lab after class from 4:00PM–6:00PM to help students who wish to work on projects after class.

Digital Media Boot Camp (DMBC), offered by the ATLAS Institute on the CU Boulder Campus, is a popular three-week intensive digital media certificate program that provides real-world skill-sets to help you be competitive, productive and versatile in today’s marketplace. Offered during Maymester 2015 (May 9-26, 2016), DMBC offers an focused introduction to digital media production that is designed to impart a broad range of practical digital media and technological skills to people from any field or discipline. These all-day intensive classes are offered in one of ATLAS’ teaching labs and feature a small, hands-on and collaborative learning environment. Students will learn to use industry standard technologies, applications, and creative tools to successfully communicate and present their ideas.

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DMBC is a 3-week intensive digital media certificate program intended to give students and industry professionals the necessary skill-sets to be competent designers and developers of digital media.


The ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Room 113


Maymester 2016
May 9–26, 2016
9AM–12PM and 1PM–4PM


Registration Opens March 1, 2016