Fall 2018 Courses

TAM Core Courses

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 1100-010Design Foundations (Lecture)9:30 - 10:45THATLS 100Rankin, D.TMEN Core
ATLS 1100-011Design Foundations (Recitation)3:00 - 4:15FATLS 1B31TBDTMEN Core
ATLS 1100-012Design Foundations (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15FATLS 1B31TBDTMEN Core
ATLS 2000-001Meaning of Info Technology11:00 - 12:15TTHATLS 100Carruth, C.Core
ATLS 2000-002Meaning of Info Technology2:00 - 3:15TTHATLS 100Bruns, A.Core
ATLS 2001-001Design Technologies: Toolkit12:30 - 1:45TTHATLS 100Hales, I.CTAM Core
ATLS 2002-010/011Design Technologies: Process11:00 - 12:50MWATLS 1B31Hales, I.CTAM Core
ATLS 2002-020/021Design Technologies: Process3:30 - 5:20TTHATLS 1B31Cook, K.CTAM Core
ATLS 2100-010Image (Lecture)3:00 - 4:15MATLS 100Carruth, C.Core
ATLS 2100-011Image (Recitation)8:00 - 9:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-012Image (Recitation)9:30 - 10:45TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-013Image (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-014Image (Recitation)12:30 - 1:45TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-015Image (Recitation)2:00 - 3:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-016Image (Recitation)3:30 - 4:45TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-017Image (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-018Image (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15WATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-010Web (Lecture)9:30 - 10:45TATLS 100Schaal, D.Core
ATLS 2200-011Web (Recitation)8:00 - 9:15THATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-012Web (Recitation)9:30 - 10:45THATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-013Web (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15THATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-014Web (Recitation)12:30 - 1:45THATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-015Web (Recitation)2:00 - 3:15THATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-016Web (Recitation)3:30 - 4:45THATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-017Web (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15THATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-018Web (Recitation)9:00 - 10:15FATLS 1B31TBDCore
ATLS 2300-010Text (Lecture)3:00 - 4:15WATLS 100Rankin, D.Core
ATLS 2300-011Text (Recitation)8:00 - 9:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-012Text (Recitation)9:30 - 10:45FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-013Text (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-014Text (Recitation)12:30 - 1:45FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-015Text (Recitation)2:00 - 3:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-016Text (Recitation)3:30 - 4:45FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-017Text (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-018Text (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15WATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 3000-020Code (Lecture)1:00 - 1:50MWCLRE 207Shapiro, B.MTAM Core
ATLS 3000-021Code (Lab)9:00 - 10:40FATLS 1B25Shapiro, B.Core
ATLS 3000-022Code (Lab)11:00 - 12:40FATLS 1B25Shapiro, B.Core
ATLS 3000-023Code (Lab)1:00 - 2:40FATLS 1B25Shapiro, B.Core
ATLS 3100-001Form3:30 - 4:45TTHATLS 104Zheng, C.TMEN Core
ATLS 3100-002Form5:00 - 6:15TTHATLS 104Zheng, C.TMEN Core
ATLS 3200-001Sound11:00 - 12:15MWATLS 104Schaal, D.TMEN Core; MTAM Focus
ATLS 3200-002Sound9:00 - 10:15MWATLS 104Schaal, D.TMEN Core; MTAM Focus
ATLS 3300-010/011Object: Introduction to Physical Computing12:30 - 2:20TTHATLS 113Hein, A.TMEN Core; MTAM Focus
ATLS 3300-020/021Object: Introduction to Physical Computing3:30 - 5:20TTHATLS 113Felderman, M.TMEN Core; MTAM Focus
ATLS 4010-001Capstone Projects 13:00 - 6:50MENVD 234ABethancourt, M.TMEN Core
ATLS 4010-002Capstone Projects 13:30 - 7:20THENVD 234AHein, A.TMEN Core
ATLS 4519-001Capstone Projects 23:00 - 6:50TENVD 234AHein, A.TMEN Core

ATLAS Critical Perspectives in Technology Electives (CPT)

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 2036-001Intro Media Studies in Humanities3:30 - 4:45TTHHLMS 137Emerson, L.CPT Elective
ATLS 4529-004Neurohacking1:00 - 2:15MWATLS 104Bruns, A.CPT Elective
ATLS 4529-005Technology and the Young2:00 - 2:50MWFECES 114Eisenberg, M.CPT Elective
ATLS 4606-001Critical Technical Practices 3:00 - 4:15MWATLS 1B31Devendorf, L.CPT Elective

Non-ATLAS Critical Perspectives in Technology Electives (CPT)

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
APRD 3102-001Story Design 112:30 - 1:45TTHARMR 206ASlayden, D.CPT Elective
APRD 3301-001Social Media Strategies for PR6:00 - 8:30MHALE 240TBDCPT Elective
APRD 3301-002Social Media Strategies for PR9:30 - 10:45TTHGUGG 2Hopp, T.CPT Elective
ARTH 3109-001Art in Contemporary Society12:30 - 2:50THVAC 1B23Rivera, G.CPT Elective
CMCI 1010-100*Concepts/Creativity 1: Media, Comm, & Info9:30 - 10:45TTHFLMG 155TBDCPT Elective
CMCI 1010-200*Concepts/Creativity 1: Media, Comm, & Info9:30 - 10:45TTHRAMY C250TBDCPT Elective
CMDP 1400-010Intro Contemporary Media Cultures11:00 - 12:15TTHECCR 200Young, A.CPT Elective
CMDP 2100-001Approaches Historical Media Prac2:00 - 2:50MWFATLS 100Young, A.CPT Elective
COMM 3610-001Comm, Technology & Society11:00 - 12:15TTHECON 13Ackerman, J.CPT Elective
COMM 3610-002Comm, Technology & Society4:30 - 5:45MWCHEM 145TBDCPT Elective
CSCI 3002-001Fundamentals of Human Comp Interaction2:00 - 3:15TTHFLMG 155TBDCPT Elective
CSCI 3002-002Fundamentals of Human Comp Interaction2:00 - 2:50MWFCHEM 140TBDCPT Elective
CSCI 3702-001Cognitive Science9:30 - 10:45TTHFLMG 154Eisenberg, M.CPT Elective
CSCI 4830-003Technology and the Young 2:00 - 2:50MWFECES 114Eisenberg, M.CPT Elective
EDUC 3570-001Learn w/ Tech In & Out of School5:00 - 7:30WEDUC 143Teeters, L.CPT Elective
EMEN 4825-001Entrepreneurial Bus Plan Prep6:30 - 9:15MKOBL 350Werner, W.CPT Elective
EMEN 4825-002Entrepreneurial Bus Plan Prep5:00 - 7:45MHLMS 137Bruder, D.CPT Elective
ENGL 2036-001Intro Media Studies in the HUMN3:30 - 4:45TTHHLMS 137Emerson, L.CPT Elective
ENVD 2001-001Human Behavior in Design & Planning10:00 - 10:50MWFHUMN 155TBDCPT Elective
ESBM 4830-001Entrepreneurial Bus Plan Prep6:30 - 9:15MKOBL 350Werner, W.CPT Elective
ESBM 4830-003Entrepreneurial Bus Plan Prep5:00 - 7:45MKOBL S233Bruder, D.CPT Elective
FILM 3104-001Film Criticism & Theory11:00 - 12:15TTHATLS 102Shell, H.CPT Elective
INFO 3505Designing for Creativity and Learning 9:30 - 10:45TTHHALE 260Roque, R.CPT Elective
JRNL 3651-001Media Law & Ethics8:00 - 9:15TTHHLMS 199McDevitt, M.CPT Elective
JRNL 3651-002Media Law & Ethics2:00 - 3:15TTHDUAN G125Kalika, A.CPT Elective
LIBB 1700-280RHistory of Comm Caves to Cyberspace10:00 - 11:15MWLIBY 103Lundy, T.CPT Elective
LING 3005-001Cognitive Science9:30 - 10:45TTHFleming 154Eisenberg, M.CPT Elective
MDST 2002-001Media & Communication History12:30 - 1:45TTHHLMS 241Tracey, M.CPT Elective
MDST 2002-002Media & Communication History12:30 - 1:45TTHGUGG 205TBDCPT Elective
MDST 3002-001Digital Culture & Politics5:00 - 6:15MWECON 205Ristovska, S.CPT Elective
MDST 3201-001Media, Culture & Globalization3:30 - 4:45TTHVAC 1B90McLean, P.CPT Elective
MDST 3791-001Media & the Public11:00 - 12:15TTHARMR 218Tracey, M.CPT Elective
MDST 4331-001Gender, Race, Class, & Sexuality in Pop Cult2:00 - 3:15TTHHLMS 241McLean, P.CPT Elective
PHIL 3310-001Cognitive Science9:30 - 10:45TTHFLMG 154Eisenberg, M.CPT Elective
PSYC 3005-001Cognitive Science9:30 - 10:45TTHFLMG 154Eisenberg, M.CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-004Gender, Sexuality & New Media9:00 - 9:50MWFCHEM 133TBDMTAM CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-019Gender, Sexuality & New Media12:00 - 12:50MWFDUAN G1B39TBDMTAM CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-033Comics and the Graphic Novel2:00 - 2:50MWFDUAN G1B35TBDMTAM CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-034Gender, Sexuality & New Media2:00 - 2:50MWFECST 1B21TBDMTAM CPT Elective

ATLAS Focus Electives

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 3110-010/011Motion 9:00 - 10:50MWATLS 1B31Hales, I.Focus Elective
ATLS 3519-002Design for Change 3:00 - 4:15MWATLS 1B25Braha, D.Focus Elective
ATLS 3519-004Interface Design2:00 - 3:15TTHATLS 104Cook, K.Focus Elective
ATLS 4120-010/011Mobile Application Development 11:00 - 12:50TTHATLS 104Pierce, A.Focus Elective
ATLS 4130-010/011Typography3:00 - 4:50MWATLS 104Swanson, J.Focus Elective
ATLS 4140-010/011Game Development 9:00 - 10:50MWATLS 1B25Bethancourt, M.Focus Elective
ATLS 4151-001Flow Visualization12:00 - 12:50MWFECCR 105Hertzberg, J.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-002Studio: Space5:00 - 7:30TATLS 2B31Black, A.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-003Studio: Fabrication10:00 - 12:30FATLS 113Rankin, D.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-007Intro to Virtual Reality11:00 - 12:15MWATLS 1B25Szafir, D.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-008Haptic Interfaces9:30 - 10:45TTHATLS 113Leithinger, D.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-009Color 2:00 - 3:15TTHATLS 1B31Bruns, C.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-060/061Studio: Alt Lens1:00 - 2:50MWATLS 1B25Hoth, K.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-070/071Studio: Safecracking 9:30 - 11:20MWATLS 113Seidle, N. & A.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-090/091Studio: Computational Writing 1:00 - 2:50MWENVD 234ASwanson, J.Focus Elective
ATLS 4630-010/011Web Front-End Development 9:00 - 10:50TTHATLS 104Pierce, A.Focus Elective
ATLS 4809-001Computer Animation5:00 - 6:15MWATLS 1B31King, R.Focus Elective
ATLS 4889-100Interactive Machine Learning Lecture 12:00-12:50WFLMG 156Shapiro, BFocus Elective

Non-ATLAS Focus Electives

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
APRD 2003-001Principles of Design3:30 - 4:45TTHVAC 1B20Smail, D.TMEN Focus Elective
APRD 3100-001Design for Digital Media1:00 - 3:30WARMR 211TBDFocus Elective
AREN 1027-010Engineering Drawing8:00 - 9:15TTHECCR 200Gore, A.TMEN Focus Elective
ARTS 4017-002Transmedia: Photo & Video9:00 - 11:20MWVAC 1B17Valdovino, L.Focus Elective
ARTS 4104-001Performance/Installation5:00 - 7:20MWSEE DEPTFrost, S.Focus Elective
ARTS 4126-001Digital Art 24:00 - 6:20MWVAC 1B23TBDFocus Elective
ARTS 4246-001Beginning Video Production1:00 - 3:20MWVAC 1B17Valdovino, L.Focus Elective
CMDP 3840-001Sound PracticesTBDTBDSEE DEPTTBDFocus Elective
CMDP 3860-001Intro to Music Technology12:00 - 1:15MWMUS N1B49Lobel, H.Focus Elective
CSCI 2400-100Computer Systems10:00 - 10:50MWFFLMG 155TBDTMEN Focus Elective
CSCI 2400-200Computer Systems2:00 - 2:50MWFCHEM 140TBDTMEN Focus Elective
CSCI 3112-800Human-Centered Comp Prof DevTBDTBDTBDLewis, C.Focus Elective
CSCI 3155-100Principles of Programming Lang11:00 - 12:15TTHFLMG 155TBDFocus Elective
CSCI 3202-001Intro to Artificial Intelligence4:00 - 4:50MWFEKLC E1B20Eisenberg, M.Focus Elective
CSCI 3287-001Design & Analysis of Data Systems3:00 - 3:50MWFHLMS 252TBDFocus Elective
CSCI 3302-010Intro to Robotics3:30 - 4:45TFLMG 104Correll, N.Focus Elective
CSCI 3302-020Intro to Robotics3:30 - 4:45TECCR 245Hayes, B.Focus Elective
CSCI 4229-001Computer Graphics5:00 - 7:30THECCS 1B12Schreuder, W.Focus Elective
CSCI 4809-001Computer Animation5:00 - 6:15MWATLS 1B31King, R.Focus Elective
CSCI 4830-006Computing Creativity & Design Cognition3:30 - 4:45TTHTBDDo, E.Focus Elective
CSCI 4830-007Intro to Virtual Reality11:00 - 12:15MWATLS 1B25Szafir, D.Focus Elective
CSCI 4830-020*Interactive Mach Learn HCI12:00 - 12:50WFLMG 156Shapiro, BFocus Elective
ECEN 2250-001Intro Circuits & Electronics2:00 - 2:50MWFECCR 265Shaheen, S.Focus Elective
ECEN 2350-001Digital Logic4:00 - 4:50MWFMUEN E0046Mathys, P.TMEN Focus Elective
ECEN 3010-010Circuits & Electronics for MCEN4:00 - 4:50MWECCR 1B40Newhall, W.Focus Elective
ECEN 3030-001Electrical/Electronics for Non-Majors2:00 - 2:50MWFECEE 1B32Baker, K.Focus Elective
ECEN 3350-001Programming Digital Systems8:00 - 8:50MWFECCR 200Wustrow, E.Focus Elective
ENVD 3152-001Intro Comp Graphic Appl - RHINO12:30 - 1:45MWCINC 152HTBDFocus Elective
ENVD 3152-002Intro Comp Graphic Appl - GIS3:30 - 4:45TTHENVD 211Muller, B.Focus Elective
ENVD 4052-001Digital Presentation & Portfolio2:00 - 3:15TTHENVD 211McCall, R.Focus Elective
FILM 2010-001Moving Image Computer Foundation11:00 - 12:50MWATLS 310Pearce, C.TMEN Focus Elective
FILM 2610-001Animation Production11:00 - 1:15TTHMCKY 2B27Pearce, C.Focus Elective
FILM 4400-001Digital Post-Production Process3:30 - 4:45TTHATLS 310Osborn, C.Focus Elective
GEEN 3400-010Invention & Innovation11:00 - 11:50MITLL 160Segil, J.Focus Elective
GEOG 3053-010Cartography: Visualization & Info Des2:00 - 3:15TTHHLMS 267Kelly, S.Focus Elective
INFO 4606-010/011Critical Technical Practices 3:00 - 4:50MWATLS 1B31Devendorf, L.Focus Elective
JRNL 4344-001Video Documentary Production2:00 - 3:15TTHMCOL E186McNamara, M.Focus Elective
JRNL 4562-001Digital Journalism9:30 - 10:45TTHARMR 201TBDFocus Elective
JRNL 4684-001Advanced Camera & Editing9:00 - 11:30FARMR 218Daugherty, P.Focus Elective
MCEN 1025-100Computer-Aided Design & Fabrication9:00 - 9:50MWECCR 265Riffell, D.TMEN Focus Elective
MCEN 4026-100Manufacturing Processes & Systems9:30 - 10:45MWFLMG 33Blacklock, J.Focus Elective
MCEN 4151-001Flow Visualization12:00 - 12:50MWFECCR 105Hertzberg, J.Focus Elective
MUEL/MUSC 4121-001Realtime Music & Sound with MAX2:00 - 3:15TTHMUS N1B46Theodore, M.Focus Elective
MUSC 4111-001Composing at the ComputerTBDTBDTBDTBDFocus Elective
THTR 3035-001Stage Lighting Design 110:00 - 11:15MWTHTR W1B60TBDFocus Elective
WRTG 3035-001Technical Communication & Design10:00 - 10:50MWFDUAN G1B39TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-003Technical Communication & Design11:00 - 11:50MWFDUAN G1B39TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-005Technical Communication & Design12:00 - 12:50MWFDUAN G1B27TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-007Technical Communication & Design1:00 - 1:50MWFDUAN G1B35TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-009Technical Communication & Design2:00 - 2:50MWFHUMN 160TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-012Technical Communication & Design9:30 - 10:45TTHHUMN 160TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-014Technical Communication & Design11:00 - 12:15TTHECCR 1B08TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-016Technical Communication & DesignTBDTBDTBDTBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-018Technical Communication & Design2:00 - 3:15TTHHUMN 186TBDMTAM Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-020Technical Communication & Design3:30 - 4:45TTHKTCH 1B64TBDMTAM Focus Elective

Graduate Courses

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 5120-810/811Mobile Application Development 11:00 - 12:50TTHATLS 104Pierce, A.Grad Elective
ATLS 5130-010/011Typography 3:00 - 4:50MWATLS 104Swanson, J.Grad Elective
ATLS 5140-010/011Game Development9:00 - 10:50MWATLS 1B25Bethancourt, M.Grad Elective
ATLS 5151-001Flow Visualization12:00 - 12:50MWFECCR 105Hertzberg, J.Grad Elective
ATLS 5230-001ICTD Case Studies4:00 - 6:30WATLS 225Dupre, J.ICTD Core
ATLS 5240-001ICTD Laboratory10:00 - 12:30FATLS 225McGuiness, D.ICTD Core
INFO 5505Designing for Creativity and Learning 9:30 - 10:45TTHHALE 260Roque, R.CPT Elective
ATLS 5519-002Proseminar: Bus Creativity10:00 -12:30WATLS 225Dupre, J.Grad Elective
ATLS 5519-003Design Thesis3:30 - 6:00TENVD 234ADupre, J.Grad Elective
ATLS 5519-004Neurohacking1:00 - 2:15MWATLS 104Bruns, A.Grad Elective
ATLS 5519-007Intro to Virtual Reality11:00 - 12:15MWATLS 1B25Szafir, D.Grad Elective
ATLS 5519-008Haptic Interfaces9:30 - 10:45TTHATLS 113Leithinger, D.Focus Elective
ATLS 5519-009Color 2:00 - 3:15TTHATLS 1B31Bruns, C.Grad Elective
ATLS 5519-012Creative Technologies4:00 - 6:30MATLS 113Harriman, J.Grad Elective
ATLS 5519-013Design Methods4:00 - 6:30WATLS 225Do, E.Grad Elective
ATLS 5606-001Critical Technical Practices 3:00 - 4:15MWATLS 1B31Devendorf, L.Grad Elective
ATLS 5630-810/811Web Front-End Development 9:00 - 10:50TTHATLS 104Pierce, A.Grad Elective
ATLS 5809-001Computer Animation5:00 - 6:15MWATLS 1B31King, R.Grad Elective
ATLS 6910-001ICTD Practicum12:00 - 2:50TTHATLS 225Naseem, M.ICTD Core
ATLS 7000-001ATLAS Seminar11:30 - 12:30TATLS 208Do, E.ICTD Core