Spring 2019 Courses

Courses and meeting patterns are effective as of 10/12/2018, and some changes are anticipated. Please verify the meeting pattern when enrolling.

* - there is an associated recitation or lab

TAM Core Courses

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 1300-010Code (lecture) 9:30 - 10:45ThATLS 100Swanson, J.TMEN/MTAM Core
ATLS 1300-011Code (Recitation)9:00 - 10:15FATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 1300-012Code (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15FATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 1300-013Code (Recitation)1:00 - 2:15FATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 1300-014Code (Recitation)3:00 - 4:15FATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 1300-015Code (Recitation)3:00 - 4:15FATLS 1B31TBDCore
ATLS 2000-001Meaning of Info Technology 12:30 - 1:45TTHATLS 100Bruns, A.TAMD/MTAM/TMEN Core
ATLS 2000-002Meaning of Info Technology 2:00 - 3:15TTHATLS 100Bruns, A.TAMD/MTAM/TMEN Core
ATLS 2001-001Design Tech: Toolkit11:00 - 12:15TThATLS 100Hales, I.TAMD Core
ATLS 2002-010/011Design Tech: Process11:00 - 12:50MWATLS 1B31Felderman, M.TAMD Core
ATLS 2002-020/021Design Tech: Process3:30 - 5:20TThATLS 1B31Felderman, M.TAMD Core
ATLS 2100-010Image (lecture) 3:00 - 4:15MATLS 100Carruth, C.MTAM/TMEN Core
ATLS 2100-011Image (Recitation)8:00 - 9:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-012Image (Recitation)9:30 - 10:45TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-013Image (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-014Image (Recitation)12:30 - 1:45TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-015Image (Recitation)2:00 - 3:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-016Image (Recitation)3:30 - 4:45TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-017Image (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15TATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2100-018Image (Recitation)12:30 - 1:45TATLS 1B31TBDCore
ATLS 2200-010Web (Lecture) 9:30 - 10:45TATLS 100Hales, I.MTAM/TMEN Core
ATLS 2200-011Web (Recitation)8:00 - 9:15ThATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-012Web (Recitation)9:30 - 10:45ThATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-013Web (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15ThATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-014Web (Recitation)12:30 - 1:45ThATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-015Web (Recitation)2:00 - 3:15ThATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-016Web (Recitation)3:30 - 4:45ThATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-017Web (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15ThATLS 1B25TBDCore
ATLS 2200-018Web (Recitation)9:00 - 10:15FATLS 1B31TBDCore
ATLS 2300-010Text (Lecture) 3:00 - 4:15WATLS 100Rankin, D.MTAM/TMEN Core
ATLS 2300-011Text (Recitation)8:00 - 9:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-012Text (Recitation)9:30 - 10:45FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-013Text (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-014Text (Recitation)12:30 - 1:45FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-015Text (Recitation)2:00 - 3:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-016Text (Recitation)3:30 - 4:45FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 2300-017Text (Recitation)5:00 - 6:15FATLS 104TBDCore
ATLS 3100-001Form9:00 - 10:15MWATLS 104Friedman-Gerlicz, C.TMEN Core
ATLS 3100-002Form11:00 - 12:15MWATLS 104Friedman-Gerlicz, C.TMEN Core
ATLS 3200-001Sound 9:30 - 10:45TThATLS 104Schaal, D.TMEN Core
ATLS 3200-002Sound 2:00 - 3:15TThATLS 104Schaal, D.TMEN Core
ATLS 3300-010Object (lecture) 11:00 - 12:15TATLS 1B31Hein, A.TMEN Core
ATLS 3300-012Object (Recitation)9:00 - 10:15WATLS 113LACore
ATLS 3300-013Object (Recitation)9:00 - 10:15FATLS 113LACore
ATLS 3300-014Object (Recitation)11:00 - 12:15FATLS 113LACore
ATLS 4010-001Capstone Projects 1 9:00 - 12:50FENVD 234ARankin, D.TMEN Core
ATLS 4519-005Capstone Projects 212:30 - 4:20TENVD 234AHein, A.TMEN Core
ATLS 4519-006Capstone Projects 21:00 - 4:50WENVD 234ABethancourt, M.TMEN Core

ATLAS Critical Perspectives in Technology Electives (CPT)

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 2036-001Intro Media Studies in the Humanities 1:00 - 1:50MWFHUMN 190Winokur, M.CPT Elective
ATLS 2036-002Intro Media Studies in the Humanities 12:00 - 12:50MWFHUMN 190Winokur, M.CPT Elective
ATLS 3173-001Creative Climate Communication9:30 - 10:45TThTHTR C240Boykoff, M.CPT Elective
ATLS 3529-001History of Design1:00 - 2:15MWATLS 1B25Ahrnsbrak, B.CPT Elective

Non-ATLAS Critical Perspectives in Technology Electives (CPT)

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
APRD 1000-001Creative Industries2:00 - 3:15TTHCHEM 140Cheval, M.TMEN CPT Elective
APRD 3000-802Intermediate Creative Concepts2:00 - 2:50MWFCLRE 301Ligon, J.CPT Elective
APRD 3000-803Intermediate Creative Concepts3:30 - 4:45TTHECON 13Curry, J.CPT Elective
APRD 3301-001Social Media Strategies for PR6:00 - 8:30WMUEN E064TBDCPT Elective
APRD 3302-002Social Media Strategies for PR2:00 - 3:15TTHECON 13Hopp, T.CPT Elective
APRD 3302-003Social Media Strategies for PR6:00 - 8:30MDUAN G2B60Davis, D.CPT Elective
ARTH 3109-001Art in Contemporary Society3:30 - 5:20THVAC 1B23Rivera, G.CPT Elective
ARTS 4316-001History & Theory of Digital Art3:30 - 5:50MVAC 1B23Amerika, M.CPT Elective
CMDP 1400-010*Intro to Contemporary Media Cultures3:30 - 4:45TTHVAC 1B20Young, A.CPT Elective
CMDP 2100-010*Historical Media Practices9:30 - 10:45TTHHLMS 199Young, A.CPT Elective
CMDP 3450-001Critical Perspectives in Media PracticesTBDTBDTBDTBDCPT Elective
COMM 3610-001Communication, Technology & Society4:30 - 5:45MWHLMS 299Archer, H.CPT Elective
COMM 3610-002Communication, Technology & Society11:00 - 12:15TTHGUGG 206Taylor, B.CPT Elective
COMM 4610-001Keywords in Digital Culture2:00 - 3:15MWHLMS 77Striphas, T.CPT Elective
CSCI 3002-100*Fundamentals of Human Computer Interaction11:00 - 12:15TTHECCR 265Leithinger, D.CPT Elective
CSCI 3002-200*Fundamentals of Human Computer Interaction12:30 - 1:45TTHECCR 114Yeh, T.CPT Elective
EMEN 4800-002Technology Ventures and Marketing1:00 - 1:50MWFHLMS 141Judah, K.CPT Elective
EMEN 4825-001Entepreneurial Business Plan Prep3:30 - 6:15TCASE E250Werner, W.CPT Elective
EMEN 4825-002Entepreneurial Business Plan PrepTBDTBDTBDTBDCPT Elective
EMEN 4825-005Entepreneurial Business Plan Prep3:00 - 5:45WCASE E250Werner, W.CPT Elective
ENGL 2036-001Intro Media Studies in the Humanities 1:00 - 1:50TMWFHUMN 190Winokur, M.CPT Elective
ENGL 2036-002Intro Media Studies in the Humanities 12:00 - 12:50MWFHUMN 190Winokur, M.CPT Elective
ENGL 4116-001What is Media Archaeology2:00 - 2:50MWFHLMS 137Emerson, L.CPT Elective
ENVD 2001-001Human Behavior in Design and Planning3:00 - 3:50MWFHALE 270TBDCPT Elective
ENVS 3173-001Creative Climate Communication9:30 - 10:45TTHTHTR C240Boykoff, M.CPT Elective
ESBM 4830-001Entrepreneurial Business Plan PrepTBDTBDTBDTBDCPT Elective
ESBM 4830-002Entrepreneurial Business Plan Prep3:00 - 5:45WCASE E250Werner, W.CPT Elective
ESBM 4830-003Entrepreneurial Business Plan Prep3:30 - 6:15TCASE E250Werner, W.CPT Elective
FILM 3104-001Film Criticism & Theory11:00 - 12:15TTHATLS 102Acevedo-Munoz, E.CPT Elective
FILM 3104-001Film Criticism & Theory7:00 - 9:50TATLS 102TBDCPT Elective
HUEN 2210-001Engineering Science and Society10:00 - 10:50MWFECCR 139Diduch, P.TMEN CPT Elective
HUEN 3843-580RSci Fi & the Human Condition12:30 - 1:45TTHKCEN S161Sieber, D.CPT Elective
INFO 1101-001Computation in Society8:00 - 9:15TTHDUAN G130TBDTMEN CPT Elective
INFO 1101-002Computation in Society12:30 - 1:45TTHMUEN E0046TBDTMEN CPT Elective
JRNL 3651-001Media Law and Ethics8:00 - 9:15TTHHLMS 201Browsh, J.CPT Elective
JRNL 3651-002Media Law and Ethics2:00 - 3:15TTHCLRE 207Kalika, A.CPT Elective
JRNL 3651-003Media Law and Ethics5:00 - 6:15TTHRAMY N1B23Walker, T.CPT Elective
LIBB 1700-280RHistory of Comm from Caves to Cyberspace12:00 - 12:50MWFSEE DEPTLundy,T.CPT Elective
MDST 2002-001Media and Communication History9:30 - 10:45TTHCLUB 4Coats, C.CPT Elective
MDST 2002-002Media and Communication History9:00 - 9:50MWFHLMS 267Chen, Y.CPT Elective
MDST 2002-003Media and Communication History2:00 - 3:15TTHVAC 1B88Tracey, M.CPT Elective
MDST 2002-004Media and Communication History10:00 - 10:50MWFDUAN G2B60Putri, U.CPT Elective
MDST 3002-001Digital Culture and Politics3:30 - 4:45TTHVAC 1B90Ristovska, S.CPT Elective
MDST 3201-001Media,Culture and Globalization9:30 - 10:45TTHARMR 218Mclean, P.CPT Elective
MDST 4331-001Gender,Race,Class & Sexuality in Pop Cult3:30 - 4:45TTHDUAN G2B47Frost, S.CPT Elective
MDST 4371-001Media and Religion3:30 - 4:45TTHHLMS 241Campbell, D.CPT Elective
PHIL 2160-001Ethics and Information Technology2:00 - 2:50MWFHUMN 190Pickard, C.TMEN CPT Elective
PHIL 2160-002Ethics and Information Technology3:00 - 3:50MWFHLMS 247Pickard, C.TMEN CPT Elective
THTR 4173-001Creative Climate Communication9:30 - 10:45TTHTHTR C240Boykoff, M.CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-017Comics and the Graphic Novel11:00 - 11:50MWFMUEN E114Barkin, S.CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-021Gender,Sexuality and New Media12:00 - 12:50MWFCLUB 13Colley, D.CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-057Comics and the Graphic Novel11:00 - 12:15TTHDUAN G1B39Kirtz, J.CPT Elective
WRTG 3020-066Comics and the Graphic Novel12:30 - 1:45TTHDUAN G1B39Kirtz, J.CPT Elective

ATLAS Focus Electives

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 3519-002Design for the Web 11:00 - 12:15MWATLS 1B25TBDFocus Elective
ATLS 3519-004Climate Change & Film 9:30 - 10:45TTHATLS 1B31Safran, R.Focus Elective
ATLS 3519-020/021Materials 9:00 - 10:50TTHATLS 113Rankin, D.Focus Elective
ATLS 4040-001Game Design 2:00 - 3:15TTHATLS 1B31Bethancourt, M.Focus Elective
ATLS 4214-001Big Data Architecture 5:30 - 6:45MWATLS 100Greenstreet, G.Focus Elective
ATLS 4320-010/011Advanced Mobile Application Development 11:00 - 12:50TTHATLS 104Pierce, A.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-001Studio: Photovisualization 11:00 - 1:30THATLS 1B31Carruth, C.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-003Studio: Crafting Experiences 12:30 - 3:00THENVD 234AHein, A.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-004Aesthetics of Design 1:00 - 1:50MWFKTCH 1B87Hertzberg, J.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-007Studio: Alt Lens 3:00 - 5:30MATLS 104Hoth, K.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-008Wearable Technologies 9:00 -11:30MATLS 113Felderman, M.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-010/011Web Creative Development Tools 3:30 - 5:20TTHATLS 104Schaal, D.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-012User-Experience Design 4:30 - 7:00TENVD 234ACook, K.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-013Design a Science Exhibit 4:00 - 6:30TATLS 208Gross, M.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-030/031Advanced Motion 9:00 - 10:50MWATLS 1B25Hales, I.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-040/041Studio: Connected Things 1:00 - 2:50MWATLS 1B31Harriman, J.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-070/071Studio: Mobile App Production 9:00 - 10:50TTHENVD 234APierce, A.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-080/081Studio: Alternative Arcade Interfaces 9:00 - 10:50MWATLS 1B31Gyory, P.Focus Elective
ATLS 4519-090/091Product Development Studio 3:00 - 4:50MWATLS 1B25Bacus, J.Focus Elective
ATLS 4809-001Computer Animation5:00 - 6:15MWATLS 1B31King, R.Focus Elective
ATLS 4889-001Machine Learning for HCI 11:00 - 12:15TTHATLS 113Shapiro, B.Focus Elective

Non-ATLAS Focus Electives

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
APRD 2003-001Principles of Design3:30 - 4:45TTHMCOL W100TBDFocus Elective
APRD 3100-001Design for Digital Media1:00 - 3:30WENVD 1B90Curry, J.Focus Elective
APRD 4523-801Portfolio 26:00 - 8:30TENVD 1B90Ligon, J.Focus Elective
APRD 4523-802Portfolio 212:30 - 1:45TTHENVD 1B90Griffin, G.Focus Elective
AREN 1027-010*Engineering Drawing8:00 - 9:15TTHECCR 200Gore, A.Focus Elective
ARTS 4017-001Transmedia: Photo & Video9:00 - 11:20MWVAC 1B17Valdovino, L.Focus Elective
ARTS 4126-001Digital Art 26:00 - 8:20TTHVAC 1B23TBDFocus Elective
ARTS 4246-001Beginning Video Production1:00 - 3:20MWVAC 1B17Valdovino, L.Focus Elective
BAIM 3220-001Introduction to Python Programming9:30 - 10:45TTHKOBL 320Hauser, K.Focus Elective
BAIM 4220-001Business Technologies5:00 - 6:15MWKOBL 320Lacek, D.Focus Elective
CMDP 3840-001Sound Practices10:00 - 11:45MWMUS N1B49Biggs, B.Focus Elective
CSCI 2400-100*Computer Systems3:00 - 3:50MWFHUMN 1B50TBDFocus Elective
CSCI 3022-001Introduction to Data Science with Probability and Statistics10:00 - 10:50MWFMUEN E0046Wong, A.Focus Elective
CSCI 3104-100Algorithms9:30 - 10:45TTHGOLD A2B70Grochow, J.Focus Elective
CSCI 3104-200Algorithms4:00 - 5:15MWMCOL W100Layer, R.Focus Elective
CSCI 3155-100*Principles of Programming Languages11:00 - 12:15TTHECCR 1B40Sankaranarayanan, S.Focus Elective
CSCI 3202-001Introduction to Artificial Intelligence4:00 - 5:15MWECCR 200TBDFocus Elective
CSCI 3287-001Design & Analysis of Data Systems3:00 - 3:50MWFHUMN 150Pradise, A.Focus Elective
CSCI 3308-100Software Development Methods and Tools11:00 - 11:50MWDUAN G1B20Paradise, A.Focus Elective
CSCI 4239-001Advanced Computer Graphics5:00 - 7:30THECCS 1B14Schreuder, W.Focus Elective
CSCI 4302-001Advanced Robotics8:00 - 8:50MWFECES 114Heckman, C.Focus Elective
CSCI 4809-001Computer Animation 5:00 - 6:15MWATLS 1B31King, R.Focus Elective
ECEN 2250-001Introduction to Circuits & Electronics2:00 - 2:50MWFECEE 1B32Shaheen, S.Focus Elective
ECEN 2350-001Digital Logic1:00 - 1:50MWFHUMN 150Mathys, P.Focus Elective
ECEN 2420-010*Electronics for Wireless Systems8:00 - 8:50MFLMG 104Psychogiou, D.Focus Elective
ECEN 3010-010*Circuits & Electronics for MCEN4:00 - 4:50MWHUMN 150Newhall, W.Focus Elective
ECEN 3350-001Programming Digital Systems10:00 - 10:50MWFECEE 1B32Keller, E.Focus Elective
ENVD 3152-001Introduction to Computer Graphics Appl-RHINO5:00 - 6:15MWENVD 211TBDFocus Elective
ENVD 3152-002Introduction to Computer Graphics Appl-RHINO5:30 - 6:45TTHENVD 211TBDFocus Elective
ENVD 4052-001Digital Presentation & Portfolio2:00 - 3:15TTHENVD 211McCall, R.Focus Elective
ENVD 4122-001Digital Photo for Designers5:00 - 7:50WENVD 122TBDFocus Elective
ENVS 3173-001Creative Climate Communication9:30 - 10:45TTHTHTR C240Boykoff, M.Focus Elective
FILM 2010-001Moving Image Computer Foundations3:00 - 4:50TTHATLS 310Pearce, C.Focus Elective
FILM 3700-001Digital Audio Design1:00 - 2:50TTHATLS 310Pearce, C.Focus Elective
FILM 4000-001Advanced Digital Post Production10:00 - 1:50FATLS 310Osborn, C.Focus Elective
GEEN 3400-010*Invention & Innovation10:00 - 10:50MITLL 160Segil, J.Focus Elective
GEOG 3053-010*Cartography: Visualization & Info Design9:00 - 9:50MWFGUGG 205Kelly, S.Focus Elective
INFO 4602-001Information VisualizationTBDTBDTBDTBDFocus Elective
JRNL 4102-001Photojournalism Portfolio3:30 - 4:45TTHKTCH 1B44Taylor, D.Focus Elective
MCEN 1025-010*Computer-Aided Design & Fabrication9:00 - 9:50MWBESC 180TBDFocus Elective
MCEN 4026-010*Manufacturing Processes & Systems12:00 - 12:50MWFATLS 100TBDFocus Elective
MKTG 3700-001Digital Marketing9:30 - 10:45TTHKOBL 255Edwards, E.Focus Elective
MKTG 3700-002Digital Marketing8:00 - 9:15TTHKOBL 255Edwards, E.Focus Elective
MUEL 2061-001Introduction to Music Technology11:00 - 12:15TTHMUS N1B46Landon, D.TMEN Focus Elective
MUEL 2061-002Introduction to Music Technology12:00 - 12:50MWFMUS N1B46Allen, J.TMEN Focus Elective
MUSC 4121-001Supercollider12:30 - 1:45TTHMUS N1B46Drumheller, J.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-004Technical Communication and Design10:00 - 10:50MWFKTCH 1B44Henningsen, M.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-008Technical Communication and Design12:00 - 12:50MWFHUMN 160Pieplow, N.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-010Technical Communication and Design1:00 - 1:50MWFHUMN 160Pieplow, N.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-013Technical Communication and Design3:00 - 4:15MWECST 1B21Fobes, A.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-016Technical Communication and Design9:30 - 10:45TTHHUMN 160Norgaard, R.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-018Technical Communication and Design11:00 - 12:15TTHHLMS 196Wenger, P.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-022Technical Communication and Design2:00 - 3:15TTHECON 16Schaberg, P.Focus Elective
WRTG 3035-025Technical Communication and Design3:30 - 4:45TTHDUAN G1B27Szuberla, M.Focus Elective
WRTG 3090-001Journal 2020 Digital Production2:00 - 3:15TTHTB1 211Ellis, J.Focus Elective

Graduate Courses

Course-Section Title Meeting Pattern Days Room Instructor Category
ATLS 5040-010/011Game Design 2:00 - 3:15TTHATLS 1B31Bethancourt, M.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5214-001Big Data Architecture 5:30 - 6:45MWATLS 100Greenstreet, G.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5320-010/011Advanced Mobile Application Development 11:00 - 12:50TTHATLS 104Pierce, A.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-002Design Studio 11:30 - 2:00MENVD 234ASwanson, J.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-003User-Experience Design 4:30 - 7:00TENVD 234ACook, K.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-005Human-Robot Interaction 3:00 - 4:15MWATLS 1B31Szafir, D.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-007Wearable Technologies 9:00 - 11:30MATLS 113Felderman, M.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-016Design Thesis4:00 - 6:30TATLS 225Dupre, J.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-033Design a Science Exhibit 4:00 - 6:30TATLS 208Gross, M.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-040/041Studio: Connected Things 1:00 - 2:50MWATLS 1B31Harriman, J.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5519-070/071Studio: Mobile App Production 9:00 - 10:50TTHENVD 234APierce, A.Focus Elective
ATLS 5519-090/091Product Development Studio 3:00 - 4:50MWATLS 1B25Bacus, J.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5809-001Computer Animation 5:00 - 6:15MWATLS 1B31King, R.Graduate Elective
ATLS 5880-001Machine Learning for HCI 11:00 - 12:15TTHATLS 113Shapiro, B.Graduate Elective
ATLS 6910-001ICTD Practicum8:00 - 10:50MWATLS 225TBDGraduate Core
ATLS 7000-001ATLAS Seminar 11:30 - 12:30TATLS 208Do, E.Graduate Core